World’s First Gaming Browser, Opera GX, Adds Built-in Discord Support and Other Features in Major Birthday Release

June 19, 2020 at 7:06 AM EDT

OSLO, Norway, June 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Opera GX, the world’s first gaming browser, is introducing new features including Discord support and a Hot tabs killer. It can also force brightly-designed pages to become dark to stop that nighttime glare.

-       Opera believes that more than one billion PC gamers around the world deserve a browsing experience tailored to their needs
-       Opera GX remains the only web browser made specifically for people who love and play video games and experienced a 121% growth in monthly users since end of 2019   

With 1.3 billion PC gamers around the world and the gaming industry surpassing the movie and music business in revenue, Opera GX [NASDAQ: OPRA] remains the only PC browser designed with gamers’ needs in mind. The browser has many useful features including Twitch integration, as well as CPU, RAM and network bandwidth limiters. Today, Opera GX is getting a major birthday update which introduces built-in Discord support, as well as the Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets gamers see which tabs are overwhelming their computer and easily close them.

Built-in Discord support and hot tabs killer

With this step, Opera GX is not only integrating the feature but also entering the Discord community to discuss the browser as well as gaming with its fans.

For the tab hoarders among us, Opera GX has a new feature called Hot Tabs Killer which lets you identify the most resource-draining tabs and slash them with a sword.

Turn any brightly designed page dark

Opera GX was designed to be dark and not blind you while browsing. With its new Force Dark Pages feature, it brings that experience to any web page, even if the page was designed as glaring bright.

To join Opera GX’s Discord server, click here.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the choice of more than 360 million people. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). In 2019, Opera’s PC user base grew 11 percent and has continued to see increasing engagement with 73 million MAU ((Average Monthly Users “MAU”) in March 2020.


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Source: Opera Limited